The Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour

Aboriginal Culture managed by Aboriginal Elders in The Rocks, Sydney.

Be touched by the most ancient human culture on earth today, The DreamTime, the cultures of Aboriginal People. Via a 90 minute walkabout with an Aboriginal Guide hand-picked by the Elders to share their cultural heritage in The Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour.

The tour is Aboriginal-owned by Margret Campbell, a Dunghutti-Jerrinjah elder. Topics such as: Aboriginal Dreamtime: What is it? Where it comes from? How did Aboriginal culture originate from the billion year old natural landscape, skies, and waterways including Sydney Harbour and its foreshore environment? Who are Aboriginal Custodians? How did this originate?

The perfect introduction to Aboriginal Studies Years 7 to 10 Syllabus, HSIE K to 2 Curriculum and, early Stage 1 to Stage 3 HSIE and Aboriginal languages and, Stages 4 and 5 History, Mandatory Site Studies, Aboriginal Languages; Stages 4 to 6 Aboriginal Studies.