Lottie Consalvo: I Tried To Make A Horizon For You

Saturday 16 February 2019 to Sunday 24 March 2019

Lottie Consalvo contemplates the ungraspable nature of the horizon line and its endless, enigmatic existence in new video works that will feature on the Turbine Hall Screens.

I Tried To Make a Horizon For You and I Put It Here So You Could Find It document two short performances made in dialogue with the horizon. Consalvo paints one stroke across a canvas stretched parallel to the horizon and runs along the beach with a ribbon trailing behind her. The artist aligns these futile attempts at recreating the horizon with our inability to place dimensions on the intangible.

Consalvo works across painting, performance, video and sculpture and has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas including a solo show last year at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Courtesy of the artist and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

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