Japanese flower arranging course

Wednesday 22 January 2020 to Friday 06 May 2022 (WEEKLY event)


You'll learn how to arrange flowers in the Ikebana style. Your teacher will be Aya, a master of the art, who has taught for decades.

This is a very relaxed, calm and meditative class, perfect for getting some peace in today's hectic world.

You'll learn about the history of Ikebana, and about Japanese culture too. You'll use Kenzans (pin pads) and ceramic vases as your base, to build your 'freestyle' arrangements. There are three styles that you'll learn and explore:
Noribana - 'filling up' the container, with a very natural look.
Nageire - 'throwing' into the container (very similar to Chabana) - tea ceremony flowers, a simple arrangement with usually only one or two flowers.
Jiyuka - creative modern/contemporary freestyle, where you can use other materials, like plastic or metal to complement your flowers.

You'll make two creative and elegant arrangements, which will be yours to keep.

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