American Barbecue Cooking Class

Friday 21 June 2019 to Saturday 26 October 2019


The Sydney food scene has definitely fallen in love with American Food! And there is nothing more gastronomically iconic than the American Barbecue!

Learn the methods, tips and tricks of the authentic Southern style smokey barbecue and make your own spiced rubs and marinades (which you also get to take home!) to recreate your own American Barbecue feast on your own home Barbecue.

Using low and slow style of cooking meat, the American Barbecue uses techniques such as smoking, gourmet rubs and homemade marinades to truly accentuate your meat, producing unique flavours. Drawing influences from across the USA from Texan style brisket to Kansas City sticky pork ribs and North Carolina wood-smoked pork shoulder with a dash of vinegar, we’re showcasing the All Stars of the all American Barbecue!

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