Learn Japanese calligraphy

10:00am to 11:00am Monday 24 September 2018 (Weekly event)

Rejuvenate while improving your focus with Ren, a master in Shodo calligraphy. Ren’s work has been recognised by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, gaining the esteemed title of national property of Japan for his work ‘Furusato’ which now lives at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra, as well as having various works exhibited internationally.

Learn how to make different types of sumi ink to kick-start your calligraphy career, wield your calligraphy brush or 'fude' against a special type of Japanese paper called ‘hanshi’. Learn Japanese characters, and express your emotions through brush stroke pressure, rhythm and tone.

This workshop is a perfect meditative experience to break-up a stressful week.

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