Skepticon - City Centre


Event dates to be confirmed: November 2018

Seventeen years into the 21st century, and there appears to be no shortage of opportunistic quacks seeking to peddle and profit from their pseudoscientific claims—wifi 'dangers', the resurgence of 'cupping' therapy, and Paleo diets that refuse to return to the stone age. One-by-one, they get debunked as skeptics arise to administer scientific evidence and critical thinking. Yet every now and then it dawns on them that 'one-by-one' may not be enough, and that they ought to call on many of these great skeptics to meet at one time, in one place, with one common goal. Enter Skepticon Australia, the ideas festival for anybody and everybody who refuses to be fleeced by frauds of all sorts.
This year’s speaker list includes futurist and social-media superstar, Jason Silva, science communicator Cara Santa Maria, Youtuber and filmmaker Alan Melikdjanian a.k.a ‘Captain Disillusion’, former naturopath-turned-skeptic Britt Hermes, the Cognitive Dissonance and the Scathing Atheist podcasts, astronomer and science expert Dr Alan Duffy, Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Sonya Pemberton, scientist and media superstar Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, celebrity TV doctor Dr Brad McKay. Rounding off the impressive international lineup is Dr Vyom Sharma, the doctor/ magician who ‘vanishes’ illness.

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