The Ropes: Amrita Hepi and Adrian Piper

Friday 11 January 2019 to Sunday 03 March 2019

Building upon the rich history of skipping, this newly commissioned video installation explores cultural resilience and continuity through dance, gesture, video and performance.

Commissioned by Cement Fondu and The Lock-Up, artist, dancer and choreographer Amrita Hepi’s new project invites audiences into a deeply affecting, educative and visceral engagement with specific aspects of blak experience.

The project draws on the familiarity and accessibility of pop culture, YouTube tutorials and dance – with video showcasing Hepi’s original choreography and an accompanying series of live performances. In this work Hepi evokes how rhythm, rhyme and new ways of sharing carry spectrums of the blak experience as self-expression and cultural celebration, as well as embodying political and social turbulence and trauma.

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