The Beehive

Saturday 05 January 2019 to Saturday 23 February 2019

On July 4, 1975, the crusading journalist, heiress and anti-development campaigner Juanita Nielsen went to a meeting at a Kings Cross underworld hang-out. She was never seen again.

In this innovative fiction and documentary video installation, artist Zanny Begg and producer Philippa Bateman weave the tropes of true crime and cold case stories with themes of gentrification, corruption and non-conformity: a story that echoes through the urban development tensions and housing affordability struggles Sydney experiences today.

The video is a compilation of scripted fiction (featuring leading actors including Pamela Rabe and Nicolas Hope), documentary interviews and choreographed sequences. Algorithmic editing means The Beehive morphs and evolves with each viewing, offering different glimpses into an enigma embedded in this ever-changing city’s psyche.

The Beehive is assembled by randomising software. Each screening has a unique duration of up to 33 minutes.

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