Lentils Market of Knowledge: Sustainability

Saturday 27 April 2019

Lentils Sustainable Market Day will signify the culmination of goals that they set during their Sustainable April month during our Year of Giving. Each month of 2019 they've been focusing on a different way the community can contribute to Lentils, how people can connect with each other, and learn some new skills along the way. For April they’re focusing on their goal of helping enhance the Newtown community’s understanding of how they can be sustainable in an urban environment.

The event will consist of different stalls set up in Open Space focusing on educating people on how they can live more sustainable lifestyles. The stalls will be a chance to mingle with people from the Newtown community who want to learn more about sustainability. After the stalls they’re facilitating an open forum style talk on sustainability and ending the day with a showing of the food waste documentary Wasted in the evening.

For the Market of Knowledge they are hoping to create a space of exploration and education to show Newtown community the many different ways that they can incorporate more sustainable practices into their lives.

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