Six Quick Chicks

Saturday 22 June 2019


They’re funny, they’re sexy, they’re Six Quick Chicks. With a roller coaster hour of character driven comedy, rapid-fire repartee and the odd song!

Get your cabaret on! Not a dull moment when these bent ladies of the cabaret strut their wares! United in their extravagant imaginations, each Chick brings her own flavour to this hilarious, varied comedy table. Their shows are provocative; a heady mix of high and low brow, a scoop of surreal with just a dash of fart joke, a generous serving of sultry sophistication, garnished with the odd nude suit. Absurd, outlandish, witty and bold; each act at less than 10 minutes, these hot hilarious Quick Chicks always leave their audiences wanting more.

The Flying Nun is a showcase of the outcomes from Performing Arts residencies with Brand X at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre. By its very nature, they celebrate the fringe, alternative and contemporary counter-culture. Come and be the first audience to witness new work by local Artists fresh out of the rehearsal room.

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