A Murder Story Retold In Three Symphonic Vignettes

Friday 03 May 2019 to Saturday 04 May 2019

In this suburban murder story told and retold, a domestic helper gets revenge on an abusive host by fatal poisoning. Set to classical symphonic pieces, the narrative warps and shifts with each retelling based on the music chosen for each vignette.

Ninefold is a Sydney-based theatre ensemble and PACT's resident company for 2018-19. Founded by Shy Magsalin (member of the International Suzuki Company of Toga), the ensemble was formed to investigate highly rigorous and disciplined performance making.

The Flying Nun is a showcase of the outcomes from Performing Arts residencies with Brand X at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre. By its very nature, they celebrate the fringe, alternative and contemporary counter-culture. Come and be the first audience to witness new work by local Artists fresh out of the rehearsal room.

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