How to Change the World and Make Bank Doing It.

Wednesday 17 April 2019 to Saturday 27 April 2019

The second collaboration by Michael Becker and Ian Warwick after their BroadwayWorld Sydney Award nominated cabaret Caught Between the Sheets and Stagelights. It’s a workplace comedy in the cutthroat world of charity fundraising.

Set in a present day Sydney shopping centre, a tight knit group of charity fundraisers are thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a newcomer with questionable motives. Facing endless rejection, they question how far they need to go to make a difference as their own relationships reach a boiling point.

The production stars Skye Beker, Susan Jordan, Dominique Purdue, Barbara Papathanasopoulos, Laneikka Denne, Jarryd Dobson and Dashiell Wyndham.

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