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Backpacking in NSW

Thousands of years before backpackers created the Hippie Trail, Indigenous Australians used to go walkabout around what is now New South Wales. In colonial times life on the road was taken up a notch, when prospectors, shearers and stockman travelled with lightweight bedrolls called swags.

Backpacking in Australia is more popular than ever today, with a network of accredited businesses catering to the needs of budget travelers. No-frills flights on Jetstar and Virgin Australia provide a cheap way to reach regional centres, while Countrylink's rail and coach network will take you to 365 destinations across the state.

You can also pitch a tent in one of hundreds of caravan parks or in designated camping spots within our National Parks. YHA has 33 hostels in NSW in places like Yamba on the north coast, the alpine resort of Thredbo, country music capital Tamworth and world-famous Bondi Beach. They usually have their own cafés and bars that are great places to meet like-minded travelers, especially during happy hour.

Australian supermarkets are among the cheapest in the developed world, though you can always grab a burger, fish ’n’ chips or a kebab for a pocketful of change. Internet cafés are usually never far away and you’ll find free and pay-per-use wireless Internet hotspots all over the place.

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