Haymarket Visitor Information Kiosk - City Centre

Photo by Brett Boardman

In the middle of Chinatown exists a former seating Pagoda in Dixon Street that has been converted into a tourist information kiosk by paper-cur artist Pamela Mei-Leng See and carried through by talented architects Lacoste and Stevenson.

The work reflects the changing nature of the Chinese image in Australia that formerly had ceased to be representative of modern China. The new iconic red emblem now encapsulates what the architects describe as a 'highly sophisticated enclosure embracing tourism iconography'.

Symbolising the Chinese community in Australia, flowers, fish and birds are intricately curved into glass which is fitted into two semi-circular light boxes. The kiosk is illuminated by night which gives it a patterned red lantern effect.

On a practical level, the kiosk houses a shelving wall of pamphlets, maps, brochures and tourist information. Friendly staff can provide you with information on local attractions, transport and even offer wet weather alternatives.

For more information: www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

Opening Times
11am - 5pm Daily