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Rouse Hill House and Farm - Earn Your Tucker

Founded in 1813 and crammed with 20,000 objects spanning its long life, Rouse Hill House and Farm expresses the hopes and dreams of six generations of family life in rural New South Wales from early colonisation to the late 1900s.

Take a tour to experience the old house with its time-warped rooms, the ancient garden, handsome stables, and the tottering outbuildings, old machinery and rusting vehicles that strew the wider farmstead. Or come and enjoy one of Rouse Hill's farm-based or other family-friendly programs.

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Earn Your Tucker!
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The sun is up and it's time for kids to have fun and run amuck to get there chores done. Help feed the chickens, collect the eggs, grind the corn, churn the butter and pump the water. Then take home your hard-earned tuckerbag filled with goodies including jam ad locally made damper.

This event suitable for children aged 5 and over.
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Rouse Hill House and Farm, Rouse Hill Rouse Hill House and Farm, Rouse Hill
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Walk Half Day or less.
$20.00-$60.00 Price Range General admission AUD20 per person, Children AUD20 per child, Family AUD60, one accompanying adult free of charge with a child's ticket.