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Night Out With a Socialite - Sydney

Night Out With a Socialite gives you three unique opportunities to experience the Best VIP Nightlife in cities around the Australia with local Socialites or party with an A-List crowd in the hottest venues.

Search by City for Socialite Experiences and VIP Events, or request a personalised VIP Night Out Experience with a local socialite.

You have access to live the life of a local Socialite with these limited VIP Experiences.

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Best Sydney Small Bar Experience

Sydney Small Bars are the hottest new trend in Sydney. Stroll through Sydney central business district visiting the best small bars in town.

These bars are underground, tucked away down alley ways and difficult to find, but they will show you where! Enjoy a drink at five bars during the night.

Expect to amazed by the style and design of these groovy bars.
Start Location Sydney
Highlights Sydney
Travel by Walk
Duration Night.
Price $100.00-$250.00 Price Range Rates are subject to number of guests booking.

Trendy Bar Experience

Looking for a place to party in Style while you are in town? Do you prefer a posh experience to a sweaty disco? Then they have the perfect night out for you.

Experience the city's trendiest and hottest nightlife spots that are unique and serve up the best atmosphere in town. Taking place in the trendy inner city, this tour shows you the lifestyle of the coolest socialites in the city.

You will get to see some of the most beautiful areas of the city and meet the most beautiful people in the city. You will visit four to five bars during the night around the city.
Start Location Crossroads Bar, Sydney Suburbs
Highlights Ivy Pool Bar, Sydney Suburbs
Travel by Walk
Duration Night.
Price $100.00-$250.00 Price Range Set price for the evening tour
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Westfield Sydney from Market Street, CBD by Westfield Sydney