Fred Watson Tours - Sydney North

Fred Watson Tours

Enjoy an afternoon tour of Sydney's most splendid beaches and waterways before being guided through the dark skies of the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
Fred Watson Tours and Events is a unique tour company that combines exclusive tours with celestial science. Their mission: to travel the world learning about the science of the stars along the way. Incorporating exotic destinations with exclusive visits to institutes and observatories, discover the wonders of both Earth and the greater universe on a tour suitable for the astronomer and their partner.

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Star Trails Pittwater - Ferry, Coach and Dinner

Pittwater offers nature at its best! On this seven hour journey of Sydney's Northern Beaches and National Parks, you travel by land and water finishing the day with some Stargazing in a private bush-setting.
Start Location Terrey Hills
Duration Full Day
Price $169.00 - $169.00

Star Trails Pittwater - Ferry and Dinner

Nature at its best! On this five hour journey of Sydney's most beautiful waterway, you cruise through this historic area, enjoy Stargazing in a stunning dark sky location and finish the day dining by the water.
Start Location Terrey Hills
Duration Evening
Price $139.00 - $139.00