APPI Ghost Hunts and Tours - Sydney South

Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators

APPI Ghost Hunts and Tours are the Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators who run successful paranormal events throughout NSW. Their expertise lies in the fact that they are all passionate about the paranormal, and they bring this across with them in their work. They are a small business who operate their business with enthusiasm and professionalism.
APPI run informative ghost tours, ghost hunts and other paranormal events. They have a large repeat customer-base, which increases with each tour they run. Their customer-base travel from all across the country to attend their events. They are the largest, and most well-known paranormal tourism company in NSW.
During the five years of their operation, they have attracted a significant amount of media coverage, both nationally and internationally. They have been featured on channels seven, nine and ten, in major newspapers throughout Australia and on popular radio programs, such as 2GB and Triple M. They have also been flown to the United States to feature on popular paranormal show “My Ghost Story”.

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Liverpool TAFE All Night Investigation

Liverpool TAFE All Night Investigation takes you on a ghost tour of the venue, and discussion of what the night entails. They will have many experiments planned - try spiritualist table tipping, or perhaps a lone vigil in the dungeon - test yourself and see if you are brave enough to walk the length of a building, in the dark, alone! Includes light supper and light breakfast. Please refer to the website for further details of the sleepover.
Start Location 1 College Street Liverpool
Duration Extended and Evening
Price $100.00 - $125.00 Full access to the venue overnight, use of equipment, a tour, and supper throughout the night. Different prices reflect dinner inclusions.

Bella Vista Farm Ghost Tours

Spend time in a slice of colonial history, learn about the ghosts and hauntings at this country homestead, located in the heart of the suburbs!
Start Location Bella Vista Farm, 2 Elizabeth MacArthur Drive Bella Vista
Duration Extended, Evening and Customised
Price $80.00 - $115.00 Pricing depends on whether it is a ghost tour or a ghost hunt

Casula Powerhouse Ghost Tour

Join Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators (APPI) as they take you on a journey through history at this spookily haunted location. Choose between attending a ghost tour full of colourful history and haunting experiences which have taken place on the land and in the centre, or a paranormal investigation - you be the investigator for the evening. Please refer to the website for other services offered.
Start Location 1 Casula Powerhouse Road Casula
Duration Evening
Price $45.00 - $90.00 Two hour tour AUD45. Four hour tour AUD90. Maximum numbers apply. Subject to change and availability.

Roughley House Victorian Parlour Nights

You are invited to an evening of mystery and intrigue! Step into the living time capsule of Roughley House, a family home for over five generations, with each generation leaving their own mark. Discover the entertainment of a bygone era... An era of Victorian spiritualism and belief. The Victorian period was a time of deep and sustained religious revival. It was a golden age of belief in supernatural forces and energies, ghost stories, weird transmissions and spooky phenomena. Families all across the globe would experiment with different parlour games, to try and connect with the 'other world'. APPI will be running an intimate event at the beautiful Roughley House, The Pines, Dural - A night of Victorian Parlour Games, in a traditional Victorian homestead.
Start Location
Price $85.00 - $85.00 This is an intimate event with only 15 guests - so don't miss out! Age is 16+ years.

Vintage Village Ghost Hunt

Like many suburbs in Sydney, Fairfield has a history of colonial survival and murder that led to many legends and myths. APPI Ghost Hunts and Tours will fill you in on those myths and stories as they lead you through the old houses and businesses located on the grounds of the Fairfield Museum and Gallery. This is a three hour event which includes a brief tour, as well as a ghost hunt - an opportunity for you to use either scientific equipment, or your own psychic intuition, to try and capture your own evidence. While they cannot promise you will actually see any ghosts, their reputable company does guarantee knowledgeable guides who can tell you the history of the area as well as the local myths and legends. The Fairfield area is home to five rivers, colonial history, cemeteries and old neighbourhoods that are reportedly haunted.
Start Location
Price $65.00 - $65.00 TIME: 7:30pm - 10:30pm PRICE: $65.00* *includes light supper, excludes eventbrite fee.

Australiana Pioneer Village All Night Investigation

APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours run regular all night investigations at.... the Australiana Pioneer Village! This is a place where spirit sightings are a daily occurrence by the people who frequent the village. Our next event will be Friday 25 November 2016. Kick off is 10:00pm - with tea, coffee, cake and doughnuts to get you through the night! We have some exciting set vigils planned, and plenty of free time for you to explore, as you know we like to give you that option. The night concludes at 6am and you drive your weary selves home - very carefully!
Start Location Rose Street Wilberforce
Price $100.00 - $100.00 All sales are final. No refunds. You must be 14 yrs. of age with a parental guardian.