Adrenalin - Darlinghurst

Founded through a passion for adventure, Adrenalin is Australia's largest adventure company, with over 2,000 exciting experiences and gifts to choose from throughout Australasia. From Sea Kayaking to Scuba diving, Mountain Biking to driving Rally Cars, Skydiving to Helicopter Flights and everything in between.

Adrenalin continues to lead through innovation and growth in an industry that is beginning to define a way of life. Each crew member specialises in a particular field of Adrenalin. From flying planes to jumping out of them, climbing mountains to skiing down them, kite surfing to canyoning and much more.

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V8 Race Car Drive and Ride

Nothing shakes the body like the roar of a V8 race car, and nothing stirs the soul more than a session of hot laps in a track-prepared V8 six-speed Commodore or Monaro around Sydney's V8 race track, Eastern Creek Raceway.
Start Location V8 Car Drive and Ride, Eastern Creek
Highlights V8 Car Drive and Ride, Eastern Creek
Travel by Aeroplane, Car
Duration Tailored.
Price $395.00-$495.00 Price Range Rates are subject to change.