Yakitori Takumi -

Variety of Japanese beers

Yakitori is a style of cuisine from Japan. Traditionally, it started with chicken on bamboo skewer and grilled. Today, yakitori places are not only limited to chicken skewers but also pork, beef and vegetables.

Yakitori Takumi is the first yakitori specialised venue in Australia, since 2004. Takumi's menu is more complex than only a yakitori place, where salad, tofu and tempura items are normally not available. We are still not including Sushi and Sashimi in the menu, this is because we want to send the message to the locals, Japanese food is not only Sushi and Sashimi.

Takumi also specialised in Nihon Shu (Sake, Japanese rice wine), Japanese beers, Shochu and Ume Shu (Plum Wines).

With all these, Takumi has known as Izakaya among Japanese community in South Australia. Izakaya, tapas place. Takumi is the first and only Izakaya in South Australia.

Izakaya is a new dining experience in western countries, where America and European countries are getting popular. Izakaya is a culture, where foods and drinks bring people together to share their life stories.

At Takumi, we hope we can be a cultural and educations exchange center in South Australia, to respect and learn from this multi cultural society.

For more information: www.yakitori-takumi.com