The Dreamers Market - Parramatta

Saturday 30 April 2016

This is not your average market. The Dreamers Market thrives on artisan works handmade in Australia. Stallholders are carefully chosen to ensure the philosophy of Australian handmade is upheld.

You'll find artisans selling products which are all Australian handmade. Offering a platform for artists, crafters, and designers, to bring their beautiful ideas to life for you.

All products must be 100 per cent Australian handmade, no exceptions. No mass produced, no outsourcing to foreign countries, no resellers, only genuine handmade products. You're guaranteed that any gorgeous designs you fall in love with were made with heart and utter intention.

So come out and experience the markets, have a whimsical wander around, indulging yourself with handmade treats and treasures. Find a gift for family and friends, or a little keepsake to take home with you.

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