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  1. Glass Bead Art Workshop

    Saturday 17 June to Sunday 18 June 2017,

    Learn the skills and techniques required to make beautiful and unique glass beads. Techniques include bead shaping, correct dot placement, making and applying stringers, encasing, raking and twisting dots and using...

    17 Jun -18Jun
  2. Gemfest - Festival of Gems

    Thursday 10 August to Sunday 13 August 2017,

    Join the fun experience of Gemfest 'Festival of Gems', set on the largest sapphire fields in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the few in the world you can fossick for your own family heirloom!Local,...

    10 Aug -13Aug
  3. Be Your Self Redux

    Tuesday 15 August 2017,

    In Garry Stewart’s Be Your Self (Redux), audiences are engaged in a complex dialogue in which they are compelled to explore what makes you ‘you’. The athletic dancers of Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) are transformed...

    15 Aug

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