Hamilton Gallery -

The Taylor Gallery

Hamilton Gallery is famous for its outstanding international collections of fine and decorative arts. The Shaw Bequest featuring 800 items of English and European silver, glass and porcelain reflects the collecting interests of Herbert and May Shaw of 'Kiama' near Hamilton. This generous bequest made in 1957 was the beginnings of a collection that now includes over 7500 items. Australian paintings include important colonial art of the Western District by Louis Buvelot, 'Wannon Falls', Thomas Clark, 'Muntham' and Nicholas Chevalier, 'Mt Abrupt' painted soon after pastoral settlement. Recent artists represented include Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, Justin O'Brien, John Olsen, Tim Storrier, Howard Arkley, Tim Maguire and Kathleen Petyarre. William Hogarth (1697-1764) is represented in our extensive print collection by his well known satirical suites of amusing moral tales. Hamilton is an important cultural and education centre. The Gallery's unique collection offers a stimulating experience for all visitors and is an excellent resource for students of art and history. The permanent collection is complemented with a program of temporary exhibitions.

For more information: www.hamiltongallery.org