GoodLife Modern Organic Pizza -

GoodLife Pizza, Adelaide, South Australia

What would you call a restaurant where good friends, good food and good wine come together? Goodlife naturally.

And in fact it’s better than natural - it’s organic. Goodlife, Australia's first NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) certified organic pizza bar serves local and/or organic pizza, wines and coffee - bringing together all the elements of a memorable meal - friends, food and wine. Furthermore in 2008 Goodlife became certified 'Carbon Neutral' and has its Carbon footprint offset through the New South Wales Carbon Abatement Scheme.

Goodlife has three popular dining locations - cosmopolitan North Adelaide, seaside Glenelg and central Adelaide.

To source the quality organic ingredients Goodlife maintains key suppliers from South Australia’s local farmers markets including the Barossa, Willunga and an old favourite – the Adelaide Central Market.

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