The Events -

The Events

Tuesday 21 June to Sunday 10 July 2016

The Events tackles the most difficult question to answer in the aftermath of a massacre: why? when a gun-toting teenager, consumed by thoughts of cultural purity, targets a vicar's choir, she becomes obsessed with trying to understand him and his actions. Could he have been stopped?

Two actors examine the vicar's compulsion to understand mass murder, while an onstage choir gives voice to her outrage as she demands answers from friends, her lover and the boy-killer himself.

The Events, which premiered at Edinburgh Festival in 2013, is playwright David Greig's response 
to the violence unleashed by a Norwegian white supremacist in 2011. This Australian production, starring Catherine McClements, features a different Melbourne choir each night, as it questions whether there are limits to your capacity for understanding and seeks to explain why events that are unthinkable, are the hardest to put behind people.

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