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Encore! Sydney Pole Show - Marrickville

Date to be confirmed


*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed ***

The fourth Encore! Sydney Pole Show will be showcasing high flying feats from an array of national and international performers! Male and female pole dancers and aerial hoop artists will take to the stage, expressing their individuality and dance styles in solo, doubles and group performances.

There are a number of different styles of pole dancing that are constantly evolving and crossing over from other genres of dance, fitness and art. From the sensual to the contemporary dance form, the flight of aerials to the acrobatics of the circus, all these arts and more, have melded into the art of pole dance creating much diversity.

Previous Encore! shows have revealed performances by pole dancing cyborgs, cheerleaders, guitar-smashing rockstars, political activists, live singers, men in heels and women with beards!

Join them on a journey of theatrics, dance, circus and celebration, into the modern world of pole dance and aerial arts!

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