Earn Your Tucker - Hawkesbury

Earn Your Tucker

Sunday 12 June to Sunday 21 August 2016

The sun is up and it’s time for kids to have fun and muck in to get the chores done. Help feed the chickens, collect the eggs, grind the corn, make the butter and pump the water. At the end of the program you’ll sit on the veranda for some well-earned tucker! Here is a list of the main activities:
Pump up the water and grind cereal grains, and then feed it to the chickens before collecting their eggs; Learn how to do the egg test to make sure your egg is fresh; Churn the butter on the veranda, washing off the buttermilk and patting the butter into shape, before taking it home.
This is a rural property with uneven terrain. Please wear enclosed shoes, hat and clothing suitable for walking across a farm property.
Ages five and over.

For more information: slm.is