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Dust of Uruzgan

Saturday 26 July 2014


Acclaimed singer/songwriter and Australian diplomat Fred Smith has worked for two years in the province of Uruzgan, Afghanistan, where Australian troops have been based during a protracted period of conflict and civil unrest.

As featured on ABC television's Australian Story, this experience has given him a unique perspective on the plight of Australian soldiers as they face extraordinary dangers and deal with complex problems on a daily basis.

Smith gives expression to these issues in his powerful lyrics and inspiring songs such as Sapper's Lullaby, Taliban Fighting Man, Live Like an Afghan, Christmas in Kandahar, Woman in a War and Dust of Uruzgan.

With guest vocalist Liz Frencham, Fred and his band perform against stunning projections of photographs by defence force photographers.

Dust of Uruzgan is a remarkable insight into the hearts and minds of Australian soldiers and the challenges of working in this harsh, unpredictable but beautiful country.

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