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Thursday 02 October 2014 to Monday 06 October 2014


The circus is coming. But not as you know it.

The internationally acclaimed circus-troupe Cirque Éloize are bringing their award-winning circus spectacular, Cirkopolis, to the Sydney Opera House this October.

Dive into an exhilarating world where circus, dance and theatre burst onto stage. Twelve acrobats lift audiences out of the everyday and into Cirkopolis - an industrial yet fanciful world between a dream state and reality.

Inspired by the legacy of the 1920s, a stream of acrobats challenge their bodies and push the boundaries of visual and audio innovation to strive for their ultimate goal- true beauty and freedom.

An awe-inspiring showcase of design and athleticism, Cirkopolis will forever change the way you think about the circus and physical limitations.

This is the must-see event this spring, and with attractive kids prices, it's perfect for the whole family these school holidays!

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