destination NSW


Thursday 02 October 2014 to Thursday 30 October 2014


"Bondiworldexpo revisited"is focused on the rediscovery of Bondi Beach from a unique perspective, by creating intriguing and unique photographic environments and landscapes.

This exhibition follows Andre Braun" successful solo exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery in 2012, which related mainly on North Bondi and particularly Ben Buckler, above and underwater.

Two Worlds - One Beach

This is a story of the two most flamboyant residents of this amazing place. On beautiful Bondi Beach, seagulls and humans inhabit the same space, one beach caught in two worlds.

As humans, in the search for the magical feeling of freedom, we share one goal in common with the gulls, to defy gravity. The analogy is of worlds apart, dancing together, entwined in one unique location.

This exhibition seeks to look at this beautiful beach from an unusual perspective, capturing that moment of magic as if gravity did not exist!

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