destination NSW

A Streetcar Named Desire

Tuesday 05 August 2014 to Saturday 09 August 2014


Adaptation by Chelsea Needham

Studio One, High Street Randwick

The original play by Williams told us a story of how two people with wildly different perspectives can destroy the peace around them when they are forced to acquaint.

In the original, this is the destruction of Blanche DuBois, a delicate flower of fragile mental capacity. The destructor, Stanley Kowalski, is a brother-in-law in debt to his primal instincts, making him irresistible but also highly dangerous.

This adaptation will turn all on its head. Set in war torn 2007 Afghanistan, instead of late 1940's New Orleans, the play won't let you lay blame so easily. With the adaptation on-stage and another parallel story off-stage, how much you realise of the off-stage narrative will influence your views on the on-stage chaos right in front of you.

So pay attention - who will you blame?

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