Australian Golf Heritage Society Museum - Sydney West

Part of the Golf and War exhibition

The Australian Golf Heritage Society (AGHS) aims to encourage the collection, recording and preservation of information and objects connected with the history of golf in Australia; verify the authenticity of items associated with that history; inform golfers, golf clubs, and the community in general of this information, and display these physical items in a manner which tells their story; and to promote hickory events as a celebration of the origins of the game.

Its flagship in achieving these aims is the AGHS Museum, a collection of artefacts and information tracing the development of the game in Australia.

Their current major exhibition is 'Golf and War', a collection of artefacts and stories acknowledging the contributions made by individual Australian golfers, Australian golf clubs, and Australian golf equipment manufacturers in times of conflict.

The complementary exhibition celebrates the life and achievements of 1960 Centenary Open winner, the 'Gentleman of Golf', Kel Nagle.

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