James Rose - Ebenezer

James Rose is the culmination of a passion for stylish, understated interiors and the extraordinary ability to restore a building back to its former glory. Together the husband and wife who run JamesRose have created beautiful spaces that you get to enjoy.

When you stay, you will see that nothing is uniform. Every living area has been lovingly designed to ensure your comfort. Unique pieces can be found throughout the rooms at each of the properties, giving them a level of warmth and comfort that you do not get in a hotel room.

Step outside and the building that you are staying in is as unique as the rooms inside it. Stop for a minute and imagine the stories that these charming and exceptional buildings could tell you.

JamesRose wants where you stay to be as special as what you do, when you get the opportunity to get away.

For more information: www.james-rose.com.au



  • Gardens in property
Room Rates
Cooks Co-op Cottage
Price Range. Subject to change and availability.
This place is for you if you want that feeling of joyful seclusion. Although The Cook's Coop is only 15 minutes from iconic Windsor, when you turn into the driveway up to the cabin you feel as though you are a million miles away. Surrounded by beautiful bushland and picture perfect views, the hours slip away as you take it all in. Walk inside and the cabin steals the show. Tastefully decorated throughout and with interiors as interesting as the views surrounding the Coop, this place is a feast for the senses.
Facilities: Heating, Private Facilities, Non Smoking Room, Washer and dryer.