Resin Jewellery Workshop Chatswood - Sydney North

Candu Chatswood

12:00pm to 3:00pm Saturday 26 August 2017 (Monthly event)

This workshop is all about learning how to mix resin, add pigment and finish your jewellery pieces. Make two resin bangles and two resin rings to take home on the day and show off to your family and friends.
Divided into three sections, the first is a brief tutorial explaining how to use resin to create your own jewellery masterpieces, along with the instructor demonstrating pouring the resin into a mould.
The second part to this workshop is where the fun begins. Choose your colours and designs and then work with the instructor to handcraft two resin bangles and two resin rings.
During the last stage of the workshop, you will hand finish your pieces and get to ask questions about other pieces you may wish to design.
The workshop is taught in such a way that you will learn jewellery making skills that will allow you to continue to make stunning resin pieces long after completing your workshop in the comfort of your own home.
Please note: You must be 18 years or older to participate in the workshop. They do not recommend this workshop to pregnant women as chemicals in the form of resins are used.

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