Bondi Beach Laughter Club - Bondi

Saturday 28 May to Saturday 25 March 2017

Come along to Bondi Beach Laughter Club to experience the benefits of laughter for health and happiness, through laughter yoga.
Laughter yoga is a process that allows you to laugh, regardless of how you are feeling, because there are so many benefits of laughter. Laughter reduces stress, boosts mood, strengthens the immune system and is great for social connection, as people bond through laughter.
The laughter yoga session involves laughter exercises, rhythmic clapping, deep breathing techniques from yoga and playfulness. This is followed by a laughter meditation and guided relaxation.
Bondi Beach Laughter Club is a non-profit community club, proudly sponsored by Laugh and Live Well and Waverley Council. Everyone is welcome. They hope to see you there!

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