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Kings Cross Organic Markets - Potts Point


Having the iconic El Alamein Fountain as its backdrop, Organic Food Markets are now an established and much loved favourite amongst colourful locals and travellers alike.

And is it any wonder with offerings such as organic and conventional fruit and vegetables, homebaked yummies from Birgitta, Savoury Jems, French Bread, Tarte aux Fraises, Saucisson, Joy Oi, flowers, plants and more.

Grab a coffee and chow down on a Bacon and Egg Roll, let the world pass by in this little nirvana. Stop and say hi to Wayside Chapel who are there selling over-flow items from their Op Shop. Always ready to share a story and if you are lucky enough you may just get a serenade as well!

Eclectic, eccentric or just plain fun. Either way it's a great place to get the organic fix and hang out with some old friends and quite possibly make some new!

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