Potts Point and Woolloomooloo Arts and Culture


Enjoy stage plays from young writers at theatres in Potts Point and Woolloomooloo, nearby inner city neighbourhoods rich in arts, cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. In Potts Point, join a tour of the art deco buildings and the colonial mansions. After exploring the area, enjoy lunch at one of the award-winning restaurants or in hip Llankelly Place.

  • Artspace Sydney, Woolloomooloo
  • Artspace Sydney, Woolloomooloo

Theatres, galleries and more

Potts Point and nearby Woolloomooloo have deep artistic connections, from an Academy Award-winning film studio and movie stars to award-winning playwrights and cutting-edge theatres. And the inner city neighbourhoods contain a treasure trove of architectural gems.

The arts and culture scene in Potts Point and Woolloomooloo is always buzzing with things to see and do. Tour elegant Potts Point and marvel at art deco buildings and discover compelling stories. In Orwell Street, see the façade of an old art deco theatre, home to the Happy Feet film studio.

From colonial times is one of the original Potts Point mansions, Tusculum, built in the 1830s. On Manning Street, it houses a bookshop. Visit historic Elizabeth Bay House, on Onslow Avenue in Elizabeth Bay, a stroll from Potts Point. In the 1830s it was known as the finest house in the colony.

Playwright Louis Nowra, a local resident, explores the neighbourhoods’ fascinating history in his memoir Kings Cross: A Biography. He has written plays such as Cosi and screenplays such as The Map of the Human Heart and K-19: The Widowmaker, starring Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson.

You can enjoy thought-provoking plays by young writers at two cosy theatres. Hayes Theatre Co is in Greenknowe Avenue, in Potts Point. In Woolloomooloo is the Old Fitz Theatre in the Old Fitzroy Hotel, a pub in Dowling Street where you can enjoy inexpensive yet delicious food.

Near the Woolloomooloo Wharf, one of the longest timber wharfs in the world and where movie star Russell Crowe lives, is the historic Gunnery building and home to the Artspace Visual Arts Centre, which supports new artistic ideas and hosts more than 50 artist residencies a year. In Potts Point, in ‘eat street’ Llankelly Place, is the Cross Art Projects, a gallery.

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