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Eating and drinking in King's Cross

Kings Cross comes alive at night with a range of after hours cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Starting from Victoria Street, you can find a number of comfortable, local eateries. Delve deeper and you'll be rewarded by the precinct's hip bars, rooftop pubs and excellent restaurants.

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The best food, wine, restaurants and bars in the Cross

Dining, Kings Cross

Populated with a thriving mix of locals and travellers, the bars and restaurants of this iconic suburb cater to foodies, wine buffs and cocktail lovers alike. 

Start the night with a cocktail at Hinky Dink’s, a cute 1950’s-style bar on Darlinghurst Road. This is a great spot for a snack (try the polenta chips) and a kooky cocktail (go for the Betty Draper).

Beer-wise, it’s hard to go wrong with Old Growler, an English-style underground bar in the basement below the iconic Kings Cross Coke sign with a craft beer menu and plenty of great bar snacks on offer.

Good quality casual fare is easy to find in The Cross. Tucked away on Bayswater Road you’ll find Barrio Chino, a popular local haunt which is both a tequila bar and a stellar Mexican eatery. Barrio Chino serves up fresh and tasty mexican, great cocktails and has a killer tequila selection. 

Perhaps the most intriguing restaurant to open in recent years is Gastro Park, the unapologetically avant-garde yet somehow no-nonsense offering from chef and owner Grant King, located in Roslyn Street. With a healthy respect for fresh, local ingredients, Gastro Park knows just how to treat them, with a cooking style heavily inspired by the Spanish masters and a seafood-abundant menu.

The bustle around Kings Cross shares a vibrant energy with its nearby neighbourhoods, for more foodie options explore the areas of Darlinghurst, Elizabeth Bay, Woolloomooloo and Potts Point.

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