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  1. Dappled Cities Present |||||

    Sunday 4 June 2017, City Centre

    Dappled Cities present ||||| (pronounced Five), their most epic album and performance to date, combining their trademark layered soundscape with an immersive lighting spectacle. In keeping with the band's history of...

    04 Jun
  2. Christmas in July Lunch Cruise

    Saturday 22 July to Sunday 30 July 2017, City Centre

    Australians love celebrating Christmas in Summer with blue skies, beaches, and summer fun. When winter comes around it's their turn to break out the roast turkey and ham, mince pies and rich plum pudding, and what...

    22 Jul -30Jul
  3. Reed Gift Fairs

    Saturday 23 September to Tuesday 26 September 2017, City Centre

    Sydney, September is your last opportunity to fill your shelves with products that your customers will love this Christmas and Summer!As the final event of the year, this is a chance to meet face-to-face...

    23 Sep -26Sep
  4. Arj Barker: Organic (State Theatre)

    Friday 24 November to Saturday 25 November 2017,

    As always, he starts with the finest free-range topics, nurtures them until they're brimming with wholesome hilarity, and ready for the tellin'. Remember, his cruelty-free jokes are always tested on animals, and 100%...

    24 Nov -25Nov

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