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  1. Spiders: Alive and Deadly

    Thursday 25 May to Monday 17 July 2017, City Centre

    Spiders are the most successful animals on the planet – they can spin webs, climb, swim, dance, parachute and they can even drop a limb when threatened and grow it back.Overcome your fears and get closer to...

    25 May -17Jul
  2. Sound Bubble Sound Party

    Friday 9 June 2017, City Centre

    For one night only, City Recital Hall transforms its foyers for a unique sound and light club experience.At the hub is Sound Bubble, a mad-professor style art installation and performance platform in the...

    09 Jun
  3. Artisans Opening Night

    Friday 13 October 2017, City Centre

    A celebration of the natural world, Artisans in the Gardens, now in its 17th year, brings together an extraordinary range of artwork. The exhibition showcases some of Australia’s best established and emerging artists...

    13 Oct
  4. Cancer Council NSW Seven Bridges Walk

    Sunday 29 October 2017, City Centre

    The annual Cancer Council NSW Seven Bridges Walk will return on Sunday 29th October 2017. You can register for the event by following the links on this site. This is a great day out for the whole family.The...

    29 Oct
  5. Darling Harbour Australia Day

    Event dates to be confirmed: January 2018, City Centre

    Every year on 26 January, Darling Harbour hosts the nation's biggest harbourside party, when FREE Australia Day festivities see Aussies of all backgrounds...

    Jan 2018

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