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  1. Lake Boga Yacht Club Easter Regatta

    Friday 14 April to Monday 17 April 2017, The Murray

    There is no better sight then watching a competitive yacht race, with a full mask of sail, travelling over the pristine waters of Lake Boga. This is exactly what you can see over the Easter holiday period at Lake Boga...

    14 Apr -17Apr
  2. 'In the ROAR' Full Day Retreat

    Friday 21 April to Wednesday 21 June 2017,

    Escape for a day of creative immersion, to bring out your inner artist on the 19th Feb, 5th March or 19th March 2017.First we will unwind and free ourselves in our Let-Loose workshop - a creative release to...

    21 Apr -21Jun
  3. ANZAC Day - Rottnest Island

    Tuesday 25 April 2017,

    ANZAC Day holds a special place on the Rottnest Island calendar of events. The Island has a long and proud tradition of military service and on ANZAC Day they commemorate the men and women, both past and present, who...

    25 Apr

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