Waradah Aboriginal Centre - Katoomba

Waradah Dancers

Enjoy traditional Aboriginal dance and music at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. You can even join in dance and didgeridoo performances. In the contemporary gallery, admire authentic Aboriginal artworks.Open daily, from 9am to 5pm, the centre’s dance and didgeridoo shows are held throughout the day. The original artworks are from around Australia, including Papunya, Yuendumu, St Teresa and Utopia, and they’re for sale.You can also buy genuine souvenirs, including didgeridoos with hand-painted decorations. Discover more about Australia’s living Aboriginal culture through informal cultural discussions and lectures provided by Aboriginal performers and staff.Waradah Aboriginal Centre is at World Heritage Plaza, 33-37 Echo Point Road, Katoomba. Bus tours depart Sydney for Katoomba, where you’ll find many of the Blue Mountains’ main attractions. The train trip from Sydney to Katoomba is two hours. For more information:www.waradahaboriginalcentre.com.au Tel: +61 2 4782 1979

For more information: www.waradah.com.au